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MONTECRISTOMEDIA Srl was formed in January 2002 with the objective to introduce to the Italian Public , high quality International Films and - in collaboration with Michael Taverna, a producer-director with a long working experience in the USA, to participate in European Co-Productions.

In its first few months of activity, MONTECRISTOMEDIA Srl purchased and sold to Italian Distributors a number of high quality films, amongst which The Zookeeper, starring Sam Neill.The Company has also acted as a consultant to Horizon Entertainment , helping the sale of over 10 films produced by Kadokawa Shoten, Japan, amongst which The Grudge, Ring, Dark Water, Princess Blade, Inugami, to Mikado and other national distributors.

At the end of 2002, Michael Taverna was nominated CEO of the Company. Camillo Graziosi, of Studio Graziosi-La Rocca , Rome, is the Company accountant. In November 2003, further to an increase in the Company capitalization, Michael Taverna has become the Company controlling partner.

For the past 11 years, MONTECRISTOMEDIA Srl has been involved in the development of Feature Films in collaboration with MONTECRISTO INTERNATIONAL LLC (www.montecristoentertainment.com), an International Sales Company, and THE MONTECRISTO FUND LLC (www.themontecristofund.com), a United States Media Investment Fund.

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